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Together Stronger & V-Europe Climbing Mont Ventoux

Empowering Terrorism Victims. 
V-Europe's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph

Terrorism is not over, and certainly not for the victims. Many people are still struggling every single day as a result of terrorism. V-Europe is a Belgian association that supports victims of worldwide terror.


This initiative was founded by victims themselves after the attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016.


On July 6, 2021, eleven survivors of worldwide terror climbed the Mont Ventoux to show the way to resilience in solidarity with all victims. FilmFolie created a video to announce this event and to promote their fundraising ‘Together Stronger’. They're raising money for all the people who struggle financially as a direct result of terrorism.

After climbing the Mont Ventoux, the organisation wanted to thank everyone for all the love and support. For this, we created a video with the Belgian artist Ozark Henry.

Ozark Henry sang the song ‘We can be heroes’ while playing on a piano on which we projected a compilation of the victims’ journey on the Mont Ventoux.

Many thanks to Handelsbeurs Antwerpen, Piano’s Maene, PRG and Ozark Henry.

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