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Webinar? Or online event?

Give it a shot!

After times where we all needed to keep a distance from each other, online streaming has become increasingly important. Whether it's a live presentation to your employees, an interactive poll or Q&A. The possibilities and reach are endless.

 A well designed step-by-step guide to get the best results.

1/ a good preparation is key

What's the purpose of your message? Who do you want to reach? What channels do you want to tap into? If you want to go broad, social media plays a crucial role. Make sure you get your (online) audience to register in time and announce your webinar well in advance.

2/ the right tools for your budget

Let everything run smoothly by using the right tools: interactive presentation, chatbot, poll, social media wall, led wall ... ? Of course you want everything to look pro. Well, we make sure you don't have to worry about that. And needless to say, we do not lose sight of the predefined budget!

3/ down to the last detail

Do you want to work around a theme? Are there certain graphics you'd like to see reappear? Is there a need for additional videos? FilmFolie makes sure everything is matched and aligned with your brand.

4/ test and check

The check up phase is a very important one. Testing everything in advance is a must. Are all the tools present? What about the quality of delivered feeds? Is the connection in place? All this to ensure there are no surprises during the live session itself.

5/ and... action!

In a professional fully equipped studio? Or in a mobile studio wherever you like? During the final rehearsal, our close supervision will ensure that every speaker or guest is comfortable before they go live.

6/ and what's after?

Via statistics you can evaluate and learn: who were your viewers, when did they drop out?... After the live event you get a link of the full recording which you can share with whoever you’d like. 

Possible extras: behind the scenes footage, aftermovie, derived videos for social posts, etc.

For our client Expertum, we put our money where our mouth is.

So why a virtual event?

Well ...

• you go global but still remain on site

• you have live contact with your audience

• it's browser based, so no app needed

• you can easily set up a poll or Q&A 

you reach a bigger audience with a smaller budget

we provide a professional setting and the right tools

• you are innovative and up to date with the digital future

• everything is done covid-proof

• it's clearly efficient, fast and non-binding

Do you also want an unforgettable digital moment?

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