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Pauwels Veranda's campagnebeeld


Not an ordinary invitation video ...

A veranda of Pauwels Veranda’s is that perfect space to celebrate life.


When it comes to creating spaces, Pauwels Veranda’s knows the drill. With more than 50 years in the business, they’ve seen generations celebrating milestones in their quality verandas. A veranda from Pauwels isn’t just a veranda - it’s that missing piece of the puzzle that makes your home complete. That’s exactly what FilmFolie wanted to catch in the tv commercial.

And action ...

In one productive day, FilmFolie was able to capture these emotions. The result was a 35” tv commercial with the perfect soundtrack & effects.


This production was made in close collaboration with De Facto Image Building.

Besides the tv-campaign, we also created a snackable version for social media and the campaign image for online and offline use.

Take a look behind the scenes.

They are a joy to work with!

FilmFolie consists of a team full of talented, creative people with a passion for their job. Their approach is unique and personal. They create stories with impact. Stories that are memorable and reflect the needs of the customer. From writing a script to editing. Every step in the process is carried out with enthusiasm.


Marjolein Sackx    Account Manager at De Facto Image Building 

You want to capture some magical moments?

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