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Matexi case videoagency testimonial


With a powerful testimonial we want to tell the world how truly exciting it is to work at Matexi.

“To reinvent the way we live. That’s my job.”

For 75 years, Matexi has been building neighbourhoods that are affordable and sustainable. Not just bricks & mortar, but places where people feel at home, where kids grow up, play outside and create unforgettable childhood memories. 


When Matexi asked to strengthen and refresh their employer brand, we chose to zoom in on that truly amazing feeling of being able to create those neighbourhoods from scratch. How it feels to reinvent the way people live and to increase the quality of life for hundreds of families.

Project developer Trui shows us her Matexi-world.

We created an employer brand campaign with a testimonial movie and a photo shoot that tells exactly that story. Goals: to attract new, dedicated employees & to increase employee engagement.


This production was made in close collaboration with De Facto Image Building.

Buurtfeest Modellen - (c) Guillaume Deco

You want to keep your talented employees and attract others?

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