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Mips case videoagency


Who doesn’t want a job with true impact?

An employer branding video for MIPS with a strong message.

At the laboratory of MIPS, employees give the best of their talent and creativity to develop data management solutions for the medical world. This collective drive is exactly what we wanted to capture in an employer branding video, to attract new talent for the team.


In our story, we combined an employee’s job satisfaction with his surprising personal passion for piano. That way we lead potential candidates through the employee experience at MIPS. The original soundtrack was composed by three professional musicians, with vocals of former Hooverphonic lead singer Kimberly Dhondt. The movie was received very positively, both in Belgium and abroad.

The film is clearly a hit,

also in the other countries!

John Lebon    CEO Mips

You want to create an attractive

employer brand movie?

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