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Partena hulp in huis campagnebeeld

Partena Hulp in huis

Authentic employer branding through true stories

Domestic workers

are in high demand.

Partena wants to show potential employees how they will make a true difference for families. Working for Partena, you become an important part of people’s life. FilmFolie took care of script, casting and location hunting to translate these emotions into a strong video campaign.

Employee testimonials build a positive employer brand.

At the same time, the testimonials serve as video vacancies with a clear call to action. We also planned a photo shoot with the actors. The marketing department had all the visual ingredients to put up a stunning branded campaign that works.

Watch our six stories.

The results?

What about 9000+ applications within one year? And that shiny HR Excellence Award was the cherry on the cake for this campaign.


This production was made in close collaboration with De Facto Image Building.

Partena image
Partena photoshoot behind the scenes
Partena fotoshoot behind the scenes
Partena 34.jpg
Partena 43.jpg
Partena 22.jpg
Partena 32.jpg

From casting to finishing, FilmFolie effortlessly translated the look&feel and the needs of Partena Hulp in huis into a beautiful end result! The combination of the detailed preparation, the highly professional collaboration on the set and the effervescent energy of the crew contributed to the sparkle in our Employer Branding campaign.

Great teamwork!

Stephanie Reynaert    Expert Communicatie Partena Hulp in huis

Give your employer branding a face.

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