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Techorama IT conference videoagency


Deep knowledge IT conference

This is how to capture the peculiar atmosphere

of a world-renowned conference packed with techies and IT crazy dude(tte)s.

Techorama invited our crew to capture their event in still and moving images. It was a huge pleasure to immerse ourselves in a colourful world of inspiring keynote speakers and an enthusiastic audience of close to 2000 that flew in from all over the world.

The aftermovie we made was a great throwback for all attendees and will also raise FOMO-levels for next year’s edition. The countless portraits our event photographer made will be used throughout the year for communication and marketing purposes.

Working together with FilmFolie for our yearly event has been very helpful. While focusing on our core business, FilmFolie took care of all preparations and the planning during the event, to finally deliver the aftermovie that met our expectations.


Pieter Gheysens    Founder Techorama

You want to make your event unforgettable?

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