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A (very) last minute project for Neuroventis.

Where technology meets healthcare, there’s Neuroventis. Their mission is to continually elevate Neurology’s ability to better care for patients and empower them to confidently overcome their challenges.

They gave us a call on a Friday and needed an explainer video about their service MigraineManager by the following Tuesday… pretty intense, but we made it work.

We organised a few meetings with them and came up with the scenario on the same day we received the first call. For once, we skipped our weekend to prepare everything for the shoot on Monday. Our editor kickstarted the postproduction process as soon as we were done filming. And finally, we delivered the finished video by Tuesday night.

BTS Neuroventis-5.jpg

Check out the final result down below...

Last minute projects are no problem for us, but we’d like to ask you to contact us a little earlier before your deadline so our editor can get his full eight hours of sleep. ;)

Take a look behind the scenes.

We had a very last-minute project where we needed a team we could fully trust upon and that was flexible. The entire FilmFolie team did just that, they worked nights to help us reach the deadline and were very dedicated to deliver a video we could be proud of. Would definitely recommend this team as they'll go 100% to make it happen.

Amandine Brewaeys — Project coördinator at Neuroventis

Do you also have a last minute request?

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