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Visual content for a dynamic, colourful employer branding. 

For the new employer brand campaign of one of the biggest providers of telecommunication and digital technologies, we produced pictures and video's. Take a look behind the scenes and enjoy the result of this campaign for Proximus.

This production was made in close collaboration with De Facto Image Building.


Creating this video was a hell of a ride in corona times, but we do love a good challenge. We flew with drones, filmed from inside the FilmFolie van, created special effects of space ...

Watch the result down below.


the future

of digital

with us.

If you work at Proximus, you'll help build tomorrow's digital future.

Proximus plays an important role when it comes to the future of the digital world and they are always looking for people to do that with them. That’s what this employer brand campaign is all about: “Shape the future of digital with us”. 

We created new colourful images, as well as a series of videos. No better way to attract potential new employees than with effective visual content.

Find out what the ambassadors of Proximus have to say about their job.


Organising a corona safe photo shoot.

First, we planned the photoshoot with true people who work at Proximus. As these people were not professional models, it was our job to make sure they felt comfortable in front of the camera. We gave them some tips and created a relaxed atmosphere on set so they were able to be 100% themselves on screen.

Vivid pictures and colourful backgrounds.

The shoot resulted in energetic images that can be seen, for instance, on the new jobsite

Instagram Story – 6@2x.png
Instagram Story – 9@2x.png
proximus beelden 1920x1080-6.png
Instagram Story – 7@2x.png
Instagram Story – 8@2x.png

Ready to attract new employees?

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