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VPK Group

VPK in a brand new packaging.

The Belgian VPK Group is expert in sustainable cardboard packaging made from recycled paper. In the last few years, they have acquired many international packaging companies and today, they are active in no less than 20 different countries. To clarify the fact that all these branches now fall under the same name "VPK Packaging", they did a complete rebranding.

To launch this new brand identity, as well as their new name, FilmFolie created a stop-motion video and a vibrant campaign image.


The new campaign image was used for both on- and offline marketing.

Vpk new packaging.png

The challenge with stop-motion is that you have to work very precisely. And the green ribbon we always had to move very carefully and neatly didn't make our job any easier.

Watch the stop-motion video down below.

This production was made in close collaboration with De Facto Image Building.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Your brand deserves stunning visual content.

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