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Omdat terrorisme ons allemaal kan treffen. Op elk moment. Overal.

The year 2017 proved to be a pivotal moment for Aristide and Marion Melissas - Van Reeth, forever etched in the memory of a serene autumn day. As they enjoyed a bike ride along New York's Hudson River, an unexpected encounter with an ISIS terrorist abruptly altered their lives.


The tragedy claimed the lives of eight individuals, casting a shadow over their idyllic journey. Amidst the turmoil, Marion's life took an irrevocable turn as she lost both her legs, while Aristide's resilience was tested as he lay on the street with a fractured skull.


Today, united with fellow survivors, they champion a global call for unity. Their campaign carries a resounding message: 'Because terrorism can affect all of us. At any moment. Anywhere.' This rallying cry reflects the human capacity to withstand the unimaginable, a testament to unwavering strength.

Find out what the ambassadors of Proximus have to say about their job.


Organising a corona safe photo shoot.

First, we planned the photoshoot with true people who work at Proximus. As these people were not professional models, it was our job to make sure they felt comfortable in front of the camera. We gave them some tips and created a relaxed atmosphere on set so they were able to be 100% themselves on screen.

Vivid pictures and colourful backgrounds.

The shoot resulted in energetic images that can be seen, for instance, on the new jobsite

Instagram Story – 6@2x.png
Instagram Story – 9@2x.png
proximus beelden 1920x1080-6.png
Instagram Story – 7@2x.png
Instagram Story – 8@2x.png

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