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Creaplan for Jaguar Land Rover

Creaplan for Jaguar Land Rover

Ever wondered how a stand comes to life from start to finish?

If there’s one thing that Creaplan knows how to do, it’s designing display stands that stand out. For the 2020 Brussels Motor Show, they developed a Jaguar Land Rover stand bursting with creativity. 
FilmFolie stepped in to capture the result down to the slightest detail, with the right tone of voice and all the best angles.

Turning months into

captivating minutes.


We filmed the entire process, from concept to delivery. The video captured all the Creaplan people who were involved in the project and gave their best to make it a success.

Did you know that the full project took several months to plan and carry out, while the entire display stand was completed in just eight days? Those months of hard work paid off – and we were there to turn those countless hours of hard work into a 90-second video that will woo viewers just like the stand wood visitors.

Way of working

The script was written by Creaplan itself. It takes us behind the scenes, offering a sneak peek of the whole creation process for the Jaguar Land Rover display stand at the 2020 AutoSalon in Brussels.

Creaplan woos visitors at the Brussels Motor Show, and FilmFolie captures it from all the right angles.

We loved the emotional storyline in the concept that FilmFolie created for us.

Vincent Lievens    COO of Creaplan

Ready for some action?

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