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How to attract caregivers?
With an authentic, warm story.

At Korian, 10,000 employees provide an answer to every care request every day. A demand that is increasing and helping hands are more and more in short supply. 
In collaboration with De Facto Image Building, we worked out a warm story and went in search of interesting testimonials.

You will find the result in an attractive employer branding video and a variety of testimonials.

A warm employer branding video for Korian.

During our prospection it was already clear, the people working at Korian have a big heart. The gratitude of residents and patients really touched us. Get carried away by Jef on the piano ...

Discover the story of some Korian employees.

KORIAN2022 (14 of 22).jpg
KORIAN2022 (2 of 22).jpg
KORIAN2022 (9 of 22).jpg
KORIAN2022 (18 of 22).jpg

The response to the videos has been overwhelming. Everyone finds it beautiful, heartwarming, moving ... Lots of great reactions!

Lieve Van Boxem    PR Manager/Spokeswoman at Korian

Together we create unique stories.

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