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Marketing an ambitious start-up:
skin in the game with an all-out campaign

The proposition for Skindr was as simple as it was genius. It’s an app for people with skin problems, in a time where dermatologists’ waiting lists are through the roof.

Upload a picture of your skin problem, and receive a diagnosis and advice of a certified dermatologist within 48 hours. How come we didn’t think of that!

Full-blown online
& offline campaign

Luckily, the people behind the brand reached out to us to think about something else: how to create brand awareness and develop an all-out online and offline campaign to launch their brand-new business.

Filmfolie delivered, and shaped a campaign that made sure that after SKINDR was launched, the only thing left on people’s skins were goosebumps.

Check out the results!

skindr beeld man-banner_edited.png
skindr beeld mama en kind-banner_edited.png

Testimonials as the cornerstone of the Skindr campaign

Let authenticity rule! We let real-life Skindr users testify about how the app changed their lives. Tell us, what do you think?

Skindr Testmonial Kind 2023
Skindr Testimonial Jan
Skindr Testmonial Influencer

The campaign sparked a fire for us. Multiple companies want to partner with Skindr, the overall feedback on the visuals is great. We’ve doubled our amount of visitors after campaign launch, and there was an impressive increase in consultations! I’ve really appreciated the fact there was always
room for my own creative input. What can I say? Everything went smoothly.

Brecht Fourneau    Head of Growth at Skindr

Go for goosebumps: reach out for
a 360° marketing campaign for your brand!

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